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DOC and DOCX are file formats that are used in Microsoft’s Word application; a part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite. The main difference between DOC and DOCX is their current status. The DOC format has been used my Microsoft until the 2003 version of Word. In Word 2007, they introduced the DOCX as the new default format. Users can still revert to using the DOC format if they want to.

The single biggest problem with the DOCX format is compatibility as Word 2003 and older version are unable to open DOCX files. This is a major problem when sharing files as not all people update their software with every new version. To solve the problem, Microsoft released a compatibility pack that allows older versions of Office to open the DOCX and other related formats.

In DOC, the document is stored in a binary file that also contains the related formatting and other relevant information. On the other hand, a DOCX file is basically a zip file that contains all the XML files pertaining to the document. If you replace the DOCX extension with ZIP, you can easily open it with any zip compression software and see or alter the XML documents.